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Re: Echo Cursors - naming spec, description, license, etc.

Martin Sourada wrote:
I have found a draft cursor naming spec [1] at freedesktop.org. Please consider
it's implementation. Also I went through the /usr/share/icons/Bluecurve/cursors
folder and made a list of cursors named there [2], downloaded Bluecurve cursors
png [3] and in the list guessed which names belongs to which cursor. If you
think I joined cursor with name wrongly feel free to edit it. I attached it [2]

Don't you think it would be better to put the list as a table inside the wiki page (just like the table with icons) instead of an attachment? This way it would be easier to edit and when we have cursors they can be included in html for visual feed-back. If you insist to keep the list as an attachment, at least rename it as .txt, maybe this way it will have a correct MIME type and will be opened directly in the browser.

to EchoCursors wiki [4]. Also I updated EchoCursors wiki to show current process
and added initial to do list. Feel free to edit / comment it. About license I
propose cc-by-sa [5].

Not sure about the license, we talked about licensing some time ago and it was not clear if CC-BY-SA is compatible with GPL. And be aware that anything you post on the wiki automatically fall under OPL - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal/Licenses/OPL

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