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Re: Echo cursor theme

Hi Martin and Ben,

Martin Sourada wrote:
Ben Arnold napsal(a):
I think if we put both our current pages on the front Artwork page
under Artwork/EchoCursors and Artwork/EchoLoading, it would encourage
more people to get involved if they want to and it seems this will
continue. What do you think?

Yep, I think so as well. I renamed the page as you suggested [1].

I think your drawings and sketches for the Echo cursors look great! I'm very impressed. One thing I would suggest, though, is maybe trying to use some of them over a time and see how they 'feel' (does that make sense?) Sometimes with graphics like these that are always visible on the desktop, it's hard to tell without *using* them how well they work. Does it sound like a good idea that we can try some of the new cursors to see how they feel?

I think for us to test the echo cursors we would have to build them with a tool called xcursorgen:


Anyway I just wanted to point that suggestion out.


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