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Flying high theme is garbage!

On 3/22/07, Andrew Simkovsky wrote:
I normally don't get involved in artwork on Linux, mostly because I'm not an
artist, and I really don't know what I'm talking about in that area.  But in
this case I can't sit back and let it happen.

Comments are always welcomed.

The default Fedora theme in FC7 is flat out crap. Balloons??? Why balloons?

In any artwork project it is assumed the end product will not be desired by all.


Look at Goal #1

Enable users of Fedora to enhance its visual appearance to meet their need or desire.

I absolutely LOVED the DNA theme in FC6, and now we are going to some silly
hot air balloon?  That is a little too cutesy for such a serious Linux
distro as Fedora.

How does FC7 with a FC6 theme sound?

Time permitting there should be a variety of "how-to's" on the wiki by FC7 launch describing in detail how to modify the appearance of fedora to your liking.



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