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Re: How is the Echo Icon development going on?

I think there is a basic set of icons that are more important than others.
This means that the whole set does not necessarily need to be finished
in order for it to be default.

On 25/03/07, Mark <markg85 gmail com> wrote:
i wish i could halp with the icons, but i`m not that good in making

One thing you could do if you're not that great is scale down anny
icons that are (at the moment) the largest size. The 16 and 24 sizes
are very important and there's already an icon there to use! I've
found it doesn't take that long to do, either, just remember to make
it clear and recognisable at the smaller sizes.

On 26/03/07, Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz thefinalzone com> wrote:
Thanks to both Martin Sourada and seawolf efforts, it appears echo will be ready
for Fedora 7.

We've got a good team of people working on it now; we live in hope :)


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