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Re: How is the Echo Icon development going on?

Ben Arnold wrote:
One thing you could do if you're not that great is scale down anny
icons that are (at the moment) the largest size. The 16 and 24 sizes
are very important and there's already an icon there to use! I've
found it doesn't take that long to do, either, just remember to make
it clear and recognisable at the smaller sizes.

Yeh, it seems like this is a big problem for the smaller-sized Echo icons.

I recommend everyone working on Echo read this:


While the article shows the problems of scaling up from a small vector icon, the issue a lot of the Echo icons haxve is that they are scaled down from a large vector icon, without alignment to the pixel grid so the details come out muddy. This talks a little bit about the pixel grid if you are curious:


I also recommend if you want fuller coverage for Fedora 7, work on the smaller icons first, then the large sizes. The larger size icons are far less likely to ever appear anywhere in the desktop, but the smaller sizes are much more likely to appear thus if they are not finished they will make the set look more incomplete.


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