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Re: echo-icon-theme: gnome-devel icon draft

looks awesome!!
no critics.

2007/3/28, Ben Arnold <ben arnold inbox gmail com>:
On 28/03/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
> I don't like the way these tools are used for setup, properties and devel.
> A metaphor that is re-used for widely different things is not a good
> metaphor.


I think a different image should be used; KDE's Crystal developent
icon [a1] is a bit bland compared to Echo's style but the mimetype
icon for Kig [a2] looks good for development. I can see where you are
coming from looking at Bluecurve's package-development but I think we
can do better than that.

I propose a 'screen designer' style icon; perhaps the following ideas may help:
- the screen behind a pencil and set square (similar to accessories)
- screen behind the 'applications-other' icon or similar
- screen with text or code on it, keyboard or pencil in front -
reminiscent to 'text-x-script'
- keyboard, pencil, cogs

Any thoughts?


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