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Re: Shutdown button draft for echo-icon-theme

On 28/03/07, Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz thefinalzone com> wrote:
Ben Arnold wrote:
> I eally prefer the shutdown24-3.png and standbyL-4.png, they both are
> a bit quieter than the blue/red combination and I can see them fitting
> into the GNOME panel and box more, along with the KDE panel.
Taking Nicolas suggestion, I removed the circle border with this result.
I think these icons not only fit on the menu but also on login screen.
Do you prefer the borderless or the border version?

If I'm honest, I'll mostly stick with what I said earlier. The
borderless versions don't fit with the rest of the Echo set,
specifically dialog-* and media-*, because I feel it gives somewhere
to 'hit' the icon.

The colours are soft, though; I like the orange for hibernate as this
is close to the red for shutdown and different enough to the blue for


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