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Re: Shutdown button draft for echo-icon-theme

Le mercredi 28 mars 2007 à 20:05 +0100, Ben Arnold a écrit :
> On 28/03/07, Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz thefinalzone com> wrote:
> > Ben Arnold wrote:
> > > I eally prefer the shutdown24-3.png and standbyL-4.png, they both are
> > > a bit quieter than the blue/red combination and I can see them fitting
> > > into the GNOME panel and box more, along with the KDE panel.
> > >
> > Taking Nicolas suggestion, I removed the circle border with this result.
> > I think these icons not only fit on the menu but also on login screen.
> > Do you prefer the borderless or the border version?
> If I'm honest, I'll mostly stick with what I said earlier. The
> borderless versions don't fit with the rest of the Echo set,
> specifically dialog-* and media-*, because I feel it gives somewhere
> to 'hit' the icon.

One can perhaps do some 3d like in media-* without sacrificing the
symbol distinctive form. (I'd make the same reproach for dialog-close &
dialog-ok, though they've managed to stay somehow distinctive with flat
& different colours)

BTW it may be useful to add little twists to the different
shutdown/standby/hybernate icon forms to help colour-blind people.

Nicolas Mailhot

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