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Re: echo-icon-theme: gnome-devel icon draft

you convinced me, using same tools for preferences as for development isn't a
very good idea...

thanks for the ideas I will look into them as soon as I have enough time. But,
as for cogs - they are already used for system tools - and as for text, I fear
that an icon is too small to put there some code (though it would be perfect)...

good idea. Perhaps we could take some simple app window (only a window with one
or two buttons, edit boxes or something like this), add depth to it, divide it
into (more or less) cube blocks, some of them remove completely and one or two
only place a little apart (angled) showing that they belong to the rest, but are
not placed yet? Though I am not sure how it would look in small sizes...

Thanks for your comments and ideas,

Nicolas Mailhot napsal(a):
> Le mercredi 28 mars 2007 à 19:57 +0100, Ben Arnold a écrit :
>> On 28/03/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
>>> I don't like the way these tools are used for setup, properties and devel.
>>> A metaphor that is re-used for widely different things is not a good
>>> metaphor.
>> +1
>> I think a different image should be used; KDE's Crystal developent
>> icon [a1] is a bit bland compared to Echo's style but the mimetype
>> icon for Kig [a2] looks good for development. I can see where you are
>> coming from looking at Bluecurve's package-development but I think we
>> can do better than that.
>> I propose a 'screen designer' style icon; perhaps the following ideas may help:
>>  - the screen behind a pencil and set square (similar to accessories)
>>  - screen behind the 'applications-other' icon or similar
>>  - screen with text or code on it, keyboard or pencil in front -
>> reminiscent to 'text-x-script'
>>  - keyboard, pencil, cogs
> lego-style assembling (recognising software development these days
> involves creating new things with existing blocks, and avoiding
> confusion with schema/vector-graphics editors)
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