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Re: Greetings from Chile

Hi Sven!

Sven von Brand wrote:
	My name is Sven and I'm new to this list, I've been
using Fedora since Fedora Core 3 and now I'm looking to give
something back, so I entered the wiki and saw the posibility
wasn't that far. I'm a 3rd year student of informatics here
in Chile and we use Fedora at my university, I'm currently
working a lot with blender and a little bit with gimp, and
have given some presentations about blender.

I would like to help, especially in the look and feel of

Great to meet you! We can definitely use your help!

Here's all the stuff you'll need to do to start contributing right away:


If you want to get your feet wet, we have a little design queue on our wiki, feel free to grab any unfinished requests:


We just finished with Fedora 8... as far as the Fedora 9 theming goes we haven't even started but if you have any ideas please feel free to start a thread here on list!

Welcome to the team!


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