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Re: Icon theme for ubuntu

David Nielsen wrote:
tor, 22 11 2007 kl. 19:00 +0530, skrev Rahul Sundaram:
David Nielsen wrote:

Okay since you seem to think I rant I'll do an itemed list, sound good?
Not really, no. What is required is for someone to file issues in a place where it can be tracked like bugzilla or trac and possibly contribute towards fixing those problems.

You didn't read my mail, in which I specifically said that I assumed
this was the artwork teams task, since it appears to not be - then I'll
do it.

When users have any issues, they can very well file them themselves instead of waiting for developers involved to figure it out and fix them.

The replies as to why Echo did not has a good coverage or a11y
capabilities as Tango.. time, it took Tango a year. Then the replies
turned into "go away". Well Echo has had more than a year and we are
still no closer to addressing the fundamental issue that outlines are
not good, the prespective stuff is used at far to small an icon size and
there's an overabundance of detail at the small sizes.

What conclusion am I supposed to draw?

Lack of more contributors and reluctance of people aware of the issues to even file bug reports.


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