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Re: Usability - SIG, Spin, Echo icons [was Re: Icon theme for ubuntu]

tor, 22 11 2007 kl. 11:09 -0800, skrev Luya Tshimbalanga:
> It would be nice if you brought your contribution by listing the icons
> subject to the issue. Say you have Bluecurve icon on the desktop, are
> your sight affectedby the shape? Perhaps making the outline sighltly
> ticker might help.

That sounds like an excellent suggestion.

I've played around with a few iconset, I find that sets with a thicker
outline do retain shape better. But instead of thinking, maybe we could
try it out if it's not to much work - since we are using the menu as an
example that's 8-9 icons maybe we could do a rough test. Either way this
test goes we know something, if it does help we have a potential way to
improve Echo even if it will take a bit of time.

Considering the amount of work redoing the icons in non-iso or reducing
detail level, adding a bit more to the outline seems like the least work
to me. Biggest bang for our buck kind of investment of time, no?

Luya, would you do the honors and provide a screenshot similar to
Martins? I hate to admit it but my art creation skill level stops around
making convincing stick figures.

In the meantime I'll do some screenshot of some oddness I noticed while
using Echo.

- David

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