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First batch of Echo oddness

Image 1: Totem showing off the media buttons

Let's focus on the pause button for a second, there appears to be a
shadow under it which is layered directly on the outline given that the
outline is white then darkish this makes it look very unlike the other
two buttons (this white then dark outline approach seems common to the
neon blue icons). Aside that the spacing between the two bars seem a bit
big to me as compared to other icon themes. It also looks a taller than
it's companion icons. 

If you zoom in 800% you can confirm that it is indeed taller and that
the outline color is black whereas the other two have a lighter shade of

Image 2: Totem redux

Now let's look at those buttons again, specifically the play button
which again is larger than it's companions. 

Also common for both Totem images is that skip-forward is smaller than
it's companions.. not to mention since this icons are aligned by the
horizontal center of the icons, it appers to float and cast it shadow in
a completely different plane than it's companions.

Bonus non-Echo art: the new international clock

First clock has low contrast black on dark grey making it potentially
hard to read for a number of people. Though the hour dot indicators have
very good contrast with the clock face plate.

Second clock has good contrast black on light grey, easy to read.
However the hour dot indicators have poor contrast with the clock face

Since we already have a visual indicator for the local clock in the
little up arrow looking home icon why do we even have two clock looks? I
mean is there a good reason to not just have one nice readable pretty

(I assume the clock is drawn with cairo making it not an Echo issue but
that one popped right out at me so I had to include it in the first

- David

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