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Re: Request for project icon and logo

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
Listen, if every tv-viewer would look like old russian's everyone
(almost) would take american.

Russian tv-viewer is old GNOME style and non-guidelined-style.
American tv-viewer is modern Tango! style.


You are certainly entitled to your opinion about Tango vs. everything else, but I believe everybody on this list is and has been for some time now QUITE CLEAR on your opinion on that.

Repeating yourself over and over and/or being more loud/angry/etc is not going to help your cause so I would recommend that you take up another strategy. You've been given much advice to this end from myself and others and I don't care to waste any more of my time dispensing yet more advice that I have spent my valuable time writing up for you in the past since it seems you have ignored it.

Right now, I see you causing a lot of issues in this community. What are you bringing to the table in exchange?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and even to share their opinion, but enough is enough.

(list moderator)

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