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Re: start the process for F9 theming?

Mark wrote:

Wouldn't it be better if Fedora 9 was not getting a new theme but just
a refined Fedora 8 theme? meaning that the F8 theme is everywhere in

I think we used the people with a new theme for each release, so no new theme would be seen as a step back.
Also, if we don't do a new theme, were is the fun for us?

F9 (including KDE) instead of just having another theme that is
(again) for gnome only?

If a theme isn't everywhere  this shuld be considered a bug (IMO).
Have you submitted a KDE Infinity and it was rejected? It is a problem of manpower, number of contributors and contributor's personal priorities.

So no new theme! just improve the current theme and let it pop up in
all the splash screens (openoffice, gimp ect..)

We talked (on this list) about theming splash screens of the likes of OOo or GIMP and the conclusion was we don't want this: it would collide with those projects branding and identity.

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