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Re: start the process for F9 theming?

Jack Badger wrote:
This is probably going to be completely unwelcome, but, how about

Not necessarily "unwelcome", but certainly offtopic: we, people in the Art Team don't have the power and knowledge to do this. You may want to talk about this topic with the Games SIG (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Games). Really, I like to play games, other people around do the same, but this is not the right place for the topic.

recoding the entire OS to get it to be compatible with games, like windows? yea i know lots of you have your reason to hate windows, but they've been doing a pretty good job since day 1 with making it compatible with every last little tiny bit of rampant hardware out there, and more, 1 or 2 problems isnt really worth dissing it out now is it? anyway.

I do not understand exactly your point, but I think you have it wrong.
- "compatible with games" like "run the latest Windows games"? We can't help much if the game developers choose to target Windows (and use things like DirectX instead of OpenGL). Emulation (Wine) is the best hope; - as in "have good 3D hardware support"? there is a lot of work on this, but is not easy: the hardware manufactures provide drivers for Windows and in many cases not even documentation for Linux developers to make their own. Due to license, is not possible (and outside of our goals anyway) for Fedora to ship binary (proprietary) drivers; - as in "have quality games out-of-the-box"? The Games SIG do its best about this.

Aside from the gamers aspect, what about a new GUI? dunno about you lot but i gotta say im getting REALLY sick of menu bars and windows. how bout a 3D interface? selectable themes of course, and maybe even some innovation taken from some outside sources? like for example, anime? ever seen serial experiments LAIN? no? oh well. 3D would BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF windows

Keep in mind Fedora is a general purpose operating system and a general purpose desktop so it should work equally well in both games but general desktop (browsing the web, reading email, doing office stuff, etc.)

Creating such a new interface is a kind of Holy Grail and whoever can invent it may consider himself hitting the jackpot. Try to cohesively write yourself a specification about such an interface and if it is good enough you may get followers.

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