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Re: [Echo ]Recreating the Status Pages once again

On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 21:34 +0200, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Hi Martin!
Hi Andreas!

> The application icons are named as their application, so the Icon entry 
> in the desktop-files refer to these names:
> totem instead of multimedia-video-player
> rhythmbox instead of multimedia-audio-player
> inkscape instead of graphics-vector
> sound-juicer instead of multimedia-cd-extractor
> firefox/epiphany instead of internet-web-browser
> evolution instead of internet-mail
> etc.
Yup, I know, I think its good to make the generic icons first and thus
improve the coverage and symlinking the rest, while the app specific
icons (gimp, listen, firefox, ...) will come later.

> We have tried to cut down on the amount of desktop-files that refer to 
> some whatever.png in /usr/share/pixmaps as much as we could, but file a 
> bug if that's not happen to be the case.
> - Andreas
IIRC the problematic icons are usually system-config-* which is more of
a Fedora specific problem. What do you think about icons like
blueradio-48 (gnome-obex-server executable), where the 48 looks like
size suffix? I think that the suffix should be removed (leaving only


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