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Re: Games Spin: Look and Feel

Rahul Sundaram a écrit :
> Hi
> As you might be aware, the Fedora Games SIG has been working on a
> games spin of Fedora and we got tentative approval do just that. An
> early version is planned to be out shortly and another to match the
> Fedora 8 release.
> I would like to get some unique look and feel for the games spin which
> can be as simple as a different background. Can the art team help me
> with that?  We are packaging a wide variety of games but we have a
> focus on 3D intensive ones since one of the goals of the Live DVD is
> to test out hardware for performance before you buy them. So keep that
> in mind and be creative.

It looks like a big assignment ahead. The tricky part is the background
to reflect a 3D games world. Perhaps picking seawolf background may do
the trick. Another possibily is to make LiveMedia like Playstation/Xbox
demo games with a neat interface taking advantage of desktop effects.
Those are just brainstorming.

Otherwise, I am waiting for our leader Mairin for suggestion.



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