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Re: Games Spin: Look and Feel

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
Rahul Sundaram a écrit :

As you might be aware, the Fedora Games SIG has been working on a
games spin of Fedora and we got tentative approval do just that. An
early version is planned to be out shortly and another to match the
Fedora 8 release.

I would like to get some unique look and feel for the games spin which
can be as simple as a different background. Can the art team help me
with that?  We are packaging a wide variety of games but we have a
focus on 3D intensive ones since one of the goals of the Live DVD is
to test out hardware for performance before you buy them. So keep that
in mind and be creative.

It looks like a big assignment ahead. The tricky part is the background
to reflect a 3D games world. Perhaps picking seawolf background may do
the trick. Another possibily is to make LiveMedia like Playstation/Xbox
demo games with a neat interface taking advantage of desktop effects.
Those are just brainstorming.

Otherwise, I am waiting for our leader Mairin for suggestion.

Well, one thing that other Fedorans :) have suggested to me a lot is having an '8-bit' Fedora theme. E.g., a theme for Fedora that has graphics reminiscent of early video game consoles artwork.

An example of an excellent art show that has showcased the type of art I think this idea could lead to is the "I Am 8-bit" show:



How is that for inspiration? :)


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