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Re: Fedora Art Spin Update

I could potentially help out with the podcast/etc relevent to artists part. I'm a big podcast fan, and know about the notion a bit.

On 10/6/07, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:

Just as a quick update on the Fedora Art Spin -

I created a first cut at a kickstart file to create this spin from in

Revisor is still chugging away at it now so if it works I'll probably
get around to testing it later this weekend.

Nothing too exciting... there's no custom artwork for it, and none of
the extra content (brushes, clipart, etc) we'd discussed earlier. I
wanted to follow Nicu's suggestion of just having SOMETHING to start
with so I figured getting the apps together would be a good start. I
found some interesting ones:

- cheese - cool webcam app
- hugin - panoramic image creator
- postr - flickr image upload tool
- gnome-specimen - font specimen tool
- zim - looks cool for taking notes
- gscan2pdf - maybe will make creating multipage pdfs from the scanner

Some of the tasks I see ahead:

- test out first cut using this kickstart file. how big is it in MB? if
it's too big to create a live cd, we'll have to have two kickstarts for
it, one with everything and a whittled-down version for the livecd.
- packaging up the content we want that's not in fedora - fonts,
clipart, plugins, etc
- custom artwork... at least just adding a 'art studio' moniker under
the fedora logo in places maybe.
- custom configuration for the gnome menus... ooh this would be nice
- custom configuration some apps might be a nice touch:
   - feeds relevant to artists pre-configured in lifrea
   - bookmarks relevant to artists pre-configured in firefox
   - podcasts / etc relevant to artists pre-configured in rhythmbox
(maybe not so many in ogg though :( )

Anything I'm forgetting?


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