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Re: CD/DVD design mockup


Mostly changed the font and text from Mairin's suggestions, as well as took out the center white circle. That's now a transparent area on the blue background.

I played around with the see-through idea for the infinity lines, but was really struggling. I am fairly certain that despite no actual "fills" on the lines, that area is still getting used within the mask. Each time I tried, it took out the entire blue background. If someone wants to try getting that to work, feel free. The svg file is updated to what I last had and that created the newest png file.

On 10/12/07, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:
Hi Michael,

Michael Beckwith wrote:
> Have since managed to create a png file of the design, after just
> letting inkscape do its thing with occasional temporary freezes.
> http://tw2113.fedorapeople.org/infinity_art/infinity-cd-design.png

I think this looks great!

Here is my critique/suggestions:

1- do you know how to do it so the printers can make the infinity lines
see-through silver down to the cd surface? that would be awesome!

2- the font and kerning of "Fedora 8: DVD" looks rough. Also it's using
Liberation Sans... I suggest using DejaVu (better i18n coverage) and
kerning the letters a bit tigher, maybe left aligning the two lines.

Other than that I think it looks great!


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