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Re: Infinity GDM mockup

Joachim Frieben wrote:
I wonder if nobody actually noticed how different the style of "rhgb" splash screen and login panel are.

In fact both those graphics were created with feed-back right on this list.

One wouldn't think that they are supposed to be part of the same artwork. Actually, the login panel falls way behind the "rhgb" splash screen in terms of clarity and polish. It looks quite overloaded to me, essentially like in F7 for which I had posted a similar comment.
The outer frame of the login panel gives it a baroque look. A panel without border but drop shadows instead simply patterned after the "rhgb" splash screen would not only make the artwork more homogeneous but also improve its visual quality considerably. Maybe it's not to late yet to improve a bit on this ..

Some various designs with different borders were posted and the final result was an evolution based on those designs.

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