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Re: Idea for future releases

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
If I were going suggest some initial constraints.  I wouldn't
constrain artist style too heavily, but I would suggest using the
thematic elements to emphasis a feature focus for that release. Now

Agreed. In fact at the start of the F8 cycle I said something like that, with the feature being Iced Tea, but didn't follow it with any graphics.

that we are grinding out information as to features in a transparent
feature process, perhaps the art group can use that information for
thematic focus.    Sort of like how design firms match artistic
elements to important product characteristics. For each Fedora release
going forward, the important 'sellable' characteristics are going to
be in the feature process for that release.

I planned to talk about this myself but wanted to wait a few weeks so we cool down after the release and start thinking forward. How about the feature outlined in F9 being multimedia/music? CodecBuddy will mature a bit until then, PulseAudio the same, we certainly will have some improvements in Rhythmbox and Totem, who knows what other improvements (I hope too much in a Pitivi able to do *something*), more integration from Planet CCRMA, maybe the Art Studio spin...

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