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[Echo] network-workgroup icon fixing, status listings in git


I've prepared fixed version of the network-workgroup icon for all sizes.
You can find the PNGs and SVGs at my pages [1]. Comments welcome.

Next information is that I uploaded to the git lists of icons (those in
specs are complete, those that are not in specs are to be filled) which
are used to generate HTML tables that are in the status pages [2]. The
generation programme is included as well. The sources are at the
echo-icon-sources/generate-status-table [3].


[1] http://feannatar.hostuju.cz/fedora/Echo/Places/
https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/echo-icon-theme/wiki/IconThemeStatus/$CategoryName$ (Where $CategoryName$ stands for one of the icon categories, like Places or Actions)

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