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Re: Idea for future releases

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:
I think any input is good to get the creative juices flowing. We want input from across Fedora not just within the art team. If the Board has ideas about where a release is going I think it couldn't hurt to hear them right!


E.g., I think the best approach is just to gather all the ideas we get... maybe have a step before our round 1 proposals where we gather a whole list of ideas from throughout the community from which to make proposals from?

You know, Round 1 has easy requirements, we can blend this with Round 1 (maybe make it a bit longer too) and get more people to submit ideas, even if they are not part of the Art team nor skilled with graphics.

I think we could call this round .5. Also, we could start it right now. Yes everyone is really busy with the release in two weeks, but if they have any sort of scribbled down idea, we could start gathering them now in preparation for initial brainstorming with F9
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