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Re: infinity kde ksplash theme needed

On 10/19/07, Rex Dieter wrote:
> Having both a fedora-branded and brandless version of the theme would be
> ideal.  Any assistance greatly appreciated as well as likely getting you an
> adult (or not) beverage of your choice when/if I ever meet you at any
> fedora or red hat event.  :)

My motivations -> I would like to have a fedora kplash instead of a kde's on FEL

Following the discussion with Rex and Kevin on #fedora-kde which
ultimately tuned to #fedora-art, there are the constraints:
 * have a proper color gradient from the splash_top to splash
active/inactive bar
 * the actual inactive/active bar is with echo icons but fedora's kde
uses crystal icons by default
 * not enough time before F8

Based on the above, I've got my hands dirty and created :

the complete preview:

a screencast (poor quality)

What I did ?
Took the rhgb image and scaled it to 400*248
then from the color of the active/inactive bar I've created a gradient.

Kevin's comments:
[22:20:23] <Kevin_Kofler> I think it's a good idea, but the color
transition somehow looks artificial.
[22:20:50] <Kevin_Kofler> Maybe a combination of recoloring both the
top and the bottom by a small amount (small enough not to look
recolored, large enough to get closer to each other) and a smoother
gradient can make it look better?
[22:21:14] <Kevin_Kofler> But I have almost zero artwork experience
and not a good sense of aesthetics. ;-)
[22:21:33] <Kevin_Kofler> So an actual artwork designer can probably
make it look better.

Michael's comments
[22:14:52] <tw2113> for some reason, i want to see the inifity lines a
little bit more
[22:15:05] <tw2113> i kind of think they blend in a little bit too much
[22:15:57] <tw2113> other than that, i don't see much that i'd change

I'm not an artist and I agree with them.
It's a bit artificial and I hope an artist could do some final touch.

Can any artist in here, add the blue gradient like on the preview.png
and at the same time bring the lines of the infinity theme forward
please (as soon as possible) ?

Jakub, I've no intention to take over your proposal. If you like my
proposal, please do take the lead :)


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