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Re: Art Wiki


I'm part of the Fedora Team - Venezuela, and we are working in a Spanish wiki to help us to find and make information to help our community... almost all Latin America.

If you like to see our wiki, and take some ideas, I leave here some URL.

main => http://wiki.fedora-ve.org/

Art Gallery => http://wiki.fedora-ve.org/Comunidad/Galeria_de_Arte

Photo Gallery => http://wiki.fedora-ve.org/Fotos

Art => http://wiki.fedora-ve.org/Botones

about music players... => http://wiki.fedora-ve.org/Aplicaciones_de_Usuario/Audio

And the list go on.... we are trying to document everything we do...

I'm in charge of the Fedora-Venezuela Art, so... If I can help you... will be glad :D

Greetings from Venezuela!

2007/10/27, Michael Beckwith <michael d beckwith gmail com>:
Through my interaction with the wiki and just trying to find information
in general, I've come to realize that the wiki is extremely messy and
hard to navigate. I would like to propose a revamp of sorts for it. This
would involve mapping out what we currently have, reorganizing and
re-mapping, and then implementing the new navigation.

At this current point, I am already working on mapping out what is there
currently, and I'll keep working on it and post what I find at a later
date. What I'd like from the rest of you, is finding out who is
interested in helping to reorganize. I'd like to do as much of this
discussion in our IRC room, but the mailing list would work as well.
What would be discussed is determining what major sections we should
have, what 2nd level navigation should be, and so on. After that,
someone or a few people can start implementing what we come up with,
hopefully resulting in an easy to navigate wiki that has clarity and
ease to locate the information you need.

So, who's interested in helping out?

http://ridleytx.structed.net (for now)
http://michaelbox.net (eventually)

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