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Re: The KDE-SIG needs (your) help

Am Di 30.Oktober 2007 schrieb Mark:
> Nice!
> i would like to get in.

Great :)

> i'm (still) not registered at the fedora wiki but will do that soon
> and i will try to help with packaging stuff. i will probably need a
> lot of help there to just get started but i'm more than willing to
> learn that. I hope to be able to do bug zapping as well. Designing is
> something that i could do right away but i like to get started with
> the packaging first.

Well. Learning to package a programm for Fedora isn't really covered by the 
KDE-SIG. But that's no problem, because it is one of the best documented 
processes at the wiki. See this page for a start:

> btw what are packages that need to be packaged? is there a list of them?

Here's a short list: 
One problem here may be also the upcoming KDE 4.0. For Fedora 9 it would be 
good to choose a package that would release a version for KDE4. But before 
that the development cycle for Fedora 9 should start and we have to get a 
full KDE 4.0 into rawhide.


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