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Re: Art Studio Spin?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Is there interest in building a spin which is myopically focused on
the art designer?
Is the desktop oriented livecd good enough.. or is there room for a
yet more focused spin
for the designer usage case? And if so, can it be done inside the
existing Fedora repository space without reaching for external bits?

Personally I am *not* directly interested in such a spin, as the applications I use currently are included on the desktop spin (on top of that, I am also not very fond of the direction proposed by that spin and I will stay with the base release) but I see a use case: - the main tool lacking from the desktop spin regarding art is Blender (which I don't use) so Blender would be a must for Art Studio;
- to reach all the needs, CinePaint probably would be also useful;
- there are a few art applications using QT which may be useful: Scribus and Krita (I don't know if Krita can be installed without the rest of KOffice, so maybe only Scribus);
- gLabels is small and related to art, so it may be a nice inclusion;
- there are also some applications like Skencil, which I think is completely redundant (and inferior) to Inkscape and thus not very useful, but if we have enough empty space...

To make room for those applications, I think OpenOffice.org would need to be dropped and maybe replaced with Abiword + Gnumeric.

It is not packaged yet for Fedora, but the clipart collection from the Open Clip Art Library will be very useful in such context, it is the only external thing listed so far.

All I said above is limited only to graphics, but an Art Studio Spin could as well include audio and video editors (not very useful for the codecs which can't be included on the Live CD) but it may have Audacity, Pitivi and more.

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