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Re: Art Studio Spin?

Steven Garrity wrote:
Jeff Spaleta wrote:
Is there interest in building a spin which is myopically focused on
the art designer?

As a professional web designer who uses Fedora as my primary web desktop, I don't see the need for such a variation. In my experience, designers end up using the same apps as the rest of us (web browser, office apps, etc.) plus a few key graphics apps - most of which are already easily available (Inkscape, Gimp, Agave, Blender, etc.).

If I understand correctly, a web designer is not the primary target of such a spin, maybe the developer spin is better for you (also I think I am also not its target).

If anything, and "art/design" group of installable apps might help to make it easier to get all of the apps that aren't default - but even that's not too difficult.

Sure, but those are Live CDs, so nothing is easily installable on them,

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