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Re: Art Studio Spin?

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Máirí­n Duffy wrote:

And, yeah, I think there are a lot of value-add bits like fonts and brushes and the like that would make it really awesome. Essential? Necessary? No, but... I'd be interested in making a spin that is basically a dream Fedora for me :)

I am not trying to rush you or something, but in the spirit of the "release early, release often" philosophy I advice you to not wait until your dream is full, instead set a close date and put out *something*, even if it is only the Desktop spin with a couple of new packages added (and a few other removed), this will help spread the word and get new contributors.

An relatively easy way to do this is to send a kickstart file to rel-eng so that they do a release of the spin with the periodical rawhide images or test releases. You might also want to post to advisory board list for a getting a discussion ongoing and approval to do this spin as part of the Fedora 8 release.

We already have a electronics lab, devel and desktop spin coming up. Hopefully art studio and maybe a games spin would be ready too. Would be nice to get a assorted set of spins this way.


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