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Re: Fedora 8 Buildup

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
As I mentioned in the earlier thread, I'm going to try and put
together a series of pieces about Fedora 8's features.

As far as the plan goes for now, I intend to do e-mail interviews with
the developers behind each of the features, and where applicable do a
"preview" of it with either screencasts or screenshots.

I'm working through


sending e-mails to the feature owners and asking them if they'd like
to take part. So far I've done the first three and they've all agreed.
Once they've agreed I'm writing questions and sending them along as a
text file for them to fill their answers in. I'm aware as well that it
will be good to get in touch with art/trans/docs as well and get their
input at some point along the line.

Any feed back on this plan? Where will be the best place to put these
online - a page on the wiki perhaps?

Also, if anyone wants to help me out immediately, the BuildID feature
is pretty technical and if I ask the questions I'm going to struggle
to make them interesting or relevant! Any takers to write 5/6
questions Re: this feature?

Hey thanks for taking this task on - I think it'll be great material to correspond with Fedora 8's release.

We are now actually just starting to discuss the design of marketing materials on the Fedora art list. If there's anything we can do to help with the look/feel/graphics/design for your series do let us know! One idea we had was to put together a 'press kit' for F8's release that we could send out to Ambassadors representing Fedora at events, and it seems like your series might fit well into that if you were interested.


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