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Re: Fedora 8 Buildup

> Hey thanks for taking this task on - I think it'll be great material to
> correspond with Fedora 8's release.

Haha...*crosses fingers*
> We are now actually just starting to discuss the design of marketing
> materials on the Fedora art list. If there's anything we can do to help
> with the look/feel/graphics/design for your series do let us know!

Oh that would be cool...Though I'm not sure what kind of Artwork would
be best; perhaps you have some ideas? It's a great point though, stuff
I've worked on in the past has always been so much better for good
artwork :D

> idea we had was to put together a 'press kit' for F8's release that we
> could send out to Ambassadors representing Fedora at events, and it
> seems like your series might fit well into that if you were interested.

Definitely! We were going to do weekly, or perhaps even bi-weekly (see
how we go, time etc), releases to build anticipation but they could be
put together at the end as part of the "press kit"...

Seeing as this is going to the art-list I may as well ask these questions too:

* anyone interested in answering some questions about the new default artwork?
* "" Nodoka theme engine?
* "" Fedora art spin?

Best wishes all,


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