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Re: Fedora 8 Buildup

On 9/12/07, Jonathan Roberts <jonathan roberts uk googlemail com> wrote:
> * "" Fedora art spin?

This is at best currently an experimental idea, and shouldn't be
promoted as part of F8 build up as a deliverable. If you do talk about
it at all, you should mention it in passing and call it an
experimental "Fedora derived" spin, following-up on the success of the
Fedora Electronics Lab, Desktop and Developer spins that are being
produced in the Fedora development build process now (so I'm told).
When you talk about spins focus as much of the discussion on the spins
which are being generated as part of the development tree now,
double-check and make sure they actually exist :->.

You need to say "Fedora derived" because the first few iterations of
the Art spin will most likely contain additional materials not found
in the Fedora repository. That's absolutely okay, that's what the spin
tools allow people to do...but such spins don't automatically get to
use the Fedora name and logos.  If in the fullness of time, the
additional materials like fonts or brushes or gimp plugins that appear
in experimental Art spins get included in the official Fedora
repository, then it can use the name Fedora explicitly.


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