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Re: Art Studio Strategy (was Re: Art Studio Spin?)

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 9/12/07, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote:

- Should we try to get something out as quickly as possible? Our first
version will built strictly from components already in Fedora? If we
took this approach would it be too late to make the F8 launch? (I
imagine not?)

I think my opinion ("yes") is already known.

You are too late Test2 was the cut for major feature items. I think
you'd get some significant pushback from rel-eng if we wanted to add
another ks target to build as part of development now.

But if we do a spin only with components already in Fedora this will not bring any new feature.

How about a F8 Art Studio with only components already in Fedora and a F9 Art Studio with *tons* of added goodies (fonts, photos, clipart, etc.)

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