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Re: Art Studio Strategy (was Re: Art Studio Spin?)

On 9/13/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
> I have a feeling: if we just say and wait for F9T1, the momentum may be
> lost.

Which is why i brought it up now.  Multiple things can be worked on in
parallel to make an F9 release of an official Art related spin a real

The goal is clear: Get an official spin out for F9 release with
everything you want on it in the repository.

To get to that goal, I think its absolutely OKAY to use a local
repository of packages not yet in Fedora to build experimental
versions of the Art spin. Here's the reality, getting packages past
review takes finite time. Waiting for packages to complete review may
slow down the brainstorming and refinement process of what the Art
spin is meant to taste like.  Making use of a third party repo, used
as an experimental area to stage new packages you are interested in
submitting as part of an Art spin is absolutely OKAY. You just can't
call it the "Fedora" Art spin during this process.

In parallel to this, you can start driving packages you know you want
in an official Fedora Art spin into the package review process.  To
help move this forward, it would be very good if you had a solid list
of people with package contributor status who can act as reviewers and
package owners to move the package review process forward.  Count me
in that list.  I can take review and maintain a subset of any
additional packages that a Fedora Art spin needs to see land in the
Fedora repository.


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