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Fedora 8 Test 2 Icon Review

Hi folks,

I installed Fedora 8 Test 2 last night, and after updating it I took some time tonight to take screenshots of the application menus to show what the icons look like in a default installation of Fedora (well except I installed Inkscape, sorry, I couldn't live without it for that long. :) )

Overall, the icon coverage looks pretty good and the icons for the most part are pretty consistent, but there are still some icons that have problems. They either look fuzzy, or do not fit the icon theme / don't look polished. Some of this may be due to technical or packaging issues I think? I noticed the puplet icon gets less blurry if you increase the size of GNOME panel. But some issues may be due to there not being an appropriate icon available or the upstream icon not being that great.

Is it worth it to take some time to make sure the initial set of icons in the menus for a default Fedora install all have perfect and consistent coverage? Is it possible to address all these issues?

Here's my 'hit list' of icons to address with screenshots, if so:



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