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Re: Echo bad

> > * its contrast is too big
> For all icons or you have some specific examples?

Look at icon with tool - orange and kinda dark gray...

> > * perspective is not adequate to image size
> Guidelines are being reworked. See the DRAFT [1] and new icons
> following
> the guidelines for isometric icons [2], I think they work in this 
> size
> great.

32x32 or 48x48 icons are looking really strange in Nautilus, especially 
folders (so ugly, not shiny).

In my opinion isometric perspective is really bad idea.

> > * color pallette is really fancy - some places too dark, some too
> bright
> > 
> again, it is being worked on. See the guidelines DRAFT [1] and point
> what exactly is wrong. It will be much appreciated.

In "Defining Echo Style Elements" are shown three icons.
First is too bright, second also, but third too dark (see bottom of 

Few mail icons are also too dark. Please, think about some shiness and 
make small icons readable.

> > Look at Tango! guidelines - well polished.
> > 
> I know, and we are doing our best to create as good guidelines as
> these.

GNOME uses Tango-ish icons, some programs like Pidgin are shipped with 
same style icons.
Echo should use same, or very similiar style to don't mix'em.

Also, I hope Fedora 8 will look professional - I have some artwork from 
rawhide and I'm really impressed :) !

So, do your best :) .

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