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Re: Echo bad

On Sun, 2007-09-16 at 00:01 +0200, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
> > > * its contrast is too big
> > For all icons or you have some specific examples?
> Look at icon with tool - orange and kinda dark gray...
Yeah, that is one example, but I personally think (if you are referring
to the document-properties icon), that there the contrast serves good, I
can point to some examples where the contrast between border and the
rest of the icon is too big (for example edit-select-all at 24x24 size).

> > > * perspective is not adequate to image size
> > Guidelines are being reworked. See the DRAFT [1] and new icons
> > following
> > the guidelines for isometric icons [2], I think they work in this 
> > size
> > great.
> 32x32 or 48x48 icons are looking really strange in Nautilus, especially 
> folders (so ugly, not shiny).
Aaah... folders are very very bad example. There is a lot of problems
with them and they have only 48x48 version, really bad. They MUST be

> In my opinion isometric perspective is really bad idea.
From artist point of view I can tell it is much harder to create good
looking perspective icon, from user point of view I can tell that I like
the isometric perspective much more than the one used by tango or gnome
icon theme.

> > > * color pallette is really fancy - some places too dark, some too
> > bright
> > > 
> > again, it is being worked on. See the guidelines DRAFT [1] and point
> > what exactly is wrong. It will be much appreciated.
> In "Defining Echo Style Elements" are shown three icons.
> First is too bright, second also, but third too dark (see bottom of 
> icon).
Err, first is too bright? I don't think so, this is very very
subjective. Also, the third icon is overaly bright as well, only the
bottom is shaded. 

> Few mail icons are also too dark. Please, think about some shiness and 
> make small icons readable.
I am against glossy style (reflections, shiness, etc.) in Echo icons,
but I agree with the mail icons, they could be brighter.

> > > Look at Tango! guidelines - well polished.
> > > 
> > I know, and we are doing our best to create as good guidelines as
> > these.
> GNOME uses Tango-ish icons, some programs like Pidgin are shipped with 
> same style icons.
> Echo should use same, or very similiar style to don't mix'em.

> Also, I hope Fedora 8 will look professional - I have some artwork from 
> rawhide and I'm really impressed :) !
Yep, you need not to fear that Echo will be in F8 - it is far from
complete... We are staying with Mist (I actually think that the
Mist/Gnome combination is nicer than Tango, even though the style is
very similar...)

> So, do your best :) .
We'll do :)


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