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Re: Fedora 8 Test 2 Desktop Live Echo Icon Review

Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
There are many problems with Echo - icons are still lookin incosistent and so... Fancy.

In my opinion it is better to use Mist iconset even in F9, F10 etc.

Echo on this stage aren't ready. Also, Echo will be messing around with style. GNOME uses beautiful, bright, contrasted icons which are perfect for bright and dark GTK themes - Echo icons are looking ugly on buttons and other widgets.

Sorry for my opinion, I just hate Echo from its beginning :| .
Hi Jakub!
(I'm Andreas, a GNOME upstream artist)
Ouch, Hate is quite a strong word and certainly something I would avoid to use for a graphical interface, even though you might have some problems with it. I'm sure Martin, Luya and others are doing their best to do a good job with the set. Full icon coverage across a operating system is quite a task, or, heck, it's a insanely massive amount of work. I understand your concerns about the final look of the Fedora 9 system, but we're not there yet and I'm certain the Fedora art team can make a wise decision where to go when the time comes.
Always love, never hate.
- Andreas

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