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Re: Echo bad

If were naming the bad ones.. ^_^
here is a list:

In Actions:
BAD = Full first, second and third row.
In the fourth row only document-save and document-save-as are bad

Than i notice some shadow issues.. some shadows are darker than
others.. example:
go-bottom lighter than go-last

Than the media-record icon.. that's just ugly. and there are a dozen
icons on that page that aren't "isometric at all"

And to continue the ugly ones:
zoom-* (extremely ugly)
system-standby (those 2 look incomplete...)

accessories-text-editor (to dark)
preferences-desktop-screensaver (to dark)
preferences-desktop-wallpaper (to dark)
system-software-update (doesn't fit ECHO at all!!)
internet-mail (sorry but it looks strange and too dark take something
like [1] or [2])
preferences-desktop-pda (looks like a candy... alternative [3] and [4])

In the category: "Category" i only dislike the following 2:
applications-development (to dark)
applications-engineering (to dark)
applications-other (to dark)
preferences-other (stupid non echo box)
applications-other (stupid non echo box)
preferences-system (looks like candy again)

And for just some others:
text-html (i ABSOLUTELY hate that icon. i see it with all my php files
and it doesn't fit the rest of the default fedora theme at all.. nor
does it fit the echo theme. it's again to dark and to much shadow on
the paper.)
package-x-generic (like said before.. it just doesn't fit the echo
theme and it's to dark)

Oke about all the echo stuff in general. it seems like the echo icon
theme consists of 2 themes. one light and one dark(er). Fedora always
seemed to be more on the darker side but Fedora 8 seems to be a light
colored os. So to make it fit nicely i thing the icons should be light
colored as well.

Echo (in it's current state) also has some consistency issues.. look
at the shadows in these pictures [5] and [6]. now what shadow is the
one that should be used?

And last but not least. I'm sorry if i insulted anyone with my critics
on some icons.
I would also like to help out a little with those icons.. i will see
what i can do (playing with inkscape now)

[1] http://xxfiredragonxx.deviantart.com/art/3D-mail-icon-26213364
[2] http://justine-r.deviantart.com/art/NIN-Stamps-27780748
[3] http://diciembre7.deviantart.com/art/Gray-Pocket-38029408
[4] http://lightme.deviantart.com/art/tungsten-set-26424392
[5] http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/echo-icon-theme;a=blob_plain;f=trunk/Echo/48x48/mimetypes/image-x-generic.png;hb=HEAD
[6] http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/echo-icon-theme;a=blob_plain;f=trunk/Echo/48x48/mimetypes/audio-x-generic.png;hb=HEAD

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