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Re: Echo bad

On Sun, 2007-09-16 at 22:21 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Thanx for the quick reply's
> at this moment i'm still kinda struggling with inkshape and i'm stuck with it.
> 1. Oke. the SVG's don't have the shodows that i see in the png? so how
> do you add those in the SVG?
As Nicu said, use blur filter in Inkscape.

> 2. how do you make a icon "isometric" in inkscape? is there a tutorial
> for that somewhere?
The grid is downloadable at the guidelines page, section perspective

> 3. the git clone gives me a some folders and some SVG folders... which
> one is the latest one with the newest SVG's?
trunk is the latest, sources contains some (not all) svgs for smaller

> 4. the files in the trunk/Echo/scalable/mimetypes folder nearly all
> start with: gnome-mime-* why? the trac "IconThemeStatus" page doesn't
> have that. And in this folder i also see no shadows at all while all
> the png's have those shadows.
These are symlinks, aren't they? And yes, all those are created with
Illustrator so has a number of issues (wrong positioning of objects, so
that some shading effects got buried so that are invisible, and missing
shadows). If you can create out of these SVGs that after export to 48x48
png will look precisely the same as the 48x48 pngs, it will be much
appreciated (and as it is almost impossible to achieve precisely
original look, I'd advice to make the SVG look like you think is the
best and then recreate the png). Also, the mimetypes terribly needs
16x16 size (e.g. for display in gtk file dialog), if you could work on
these it would me much appreciated. :)


> Thanx.
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