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Re: Fedora 8 Test 2 Icon Review

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Martin Sourada wrote:
>>> Also, during the review I have done for Echo icons, I have found that
>>> some applications do not install their icons into the hicolor icon theme
>>> while they are recommended to do so [2].
>> 22x22 is just a really bad idea, since it breaks everybody who follows
>> the earlier recommendation to install a 48x48, which scales down nicely
>> to 24x24. Also in the age of rising dpi, it doesn't make much sense to
>> make icons even smaller...
> And therefore enforces the creation of smaller sizes which is good,
> because not every icon that looks good at 48x48 is good at 24x24 - there
> are four times less pixels... I don't know whether making smaller icons
> makes sense or not, but the trend is here and I think we should follow
> it. Tango does this, Gnome as well, why we should differ?

I am no UI expert, but from a maintainability perspective, if we were
ascertain the sizes that we would like to use, wouldn't that work out
better in the long run?

I mean, a 22x22 as well as a 24x24 sounds like a maintenance nightmare
to me. Is there a sound reasoning why we have both of them?


> Thanks,
> Martin

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