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Re: Echo: "package-x-generic" attempt

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 00:35 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Oke new attempt.
> I've really outdone myself.. this image is made from scratch
> I think it looks better and it fits the echo theme (or that's my opinion)
My opinion quite differs from yours, I don't think it fits the Echo
theme, bellow I'll explain the most obvious reasons, why.

> Take a look at the images [1] (16x16), [2] (64x64), [3] (128x128), [4]
> (256x256) and the SVG [5].
The 16x16 must be flat, not isometric. You must look at your icon for a
very long time to actually see what it is. Also, it would be much better
if you provided 16x16, 22x22, 32x32 and 48x48 sizes, we really do not
use in the theme icons as big as 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256 (for these
the SVGs are more than enough).

> The whole box idea is changed in this image. The previous attempt was
> basically a reskin. This is a rewrite and just how i think it's best..
> And there is enough space left in the image to add a update icon
> INSIDE the box (might look better than the current update icon [6].
> (all the software-update-* icons)
I see... IMHO the idea to have it inside the box is not very good, also
if you'd try to close the box, there would be a huge hole still. Not a
blocker issue, but we try that Echo icons look realistic (to some
extent). I see, you added the border, good, but, perhaps make it a
little thicker and, that is quite important, add a gradient to it. For
the rest of the icon - use rather linear gradients and try to have the
brightest spot up and little to right (light shines from up and little
to left, try to reflect this). 

The shadow should be a little around the icon as well, but not much, the
main shadow is behind the object and should look like it is dropped by
the object (but with simplifications).

The colours still do not come from the Echo Palette and are too bright
compared to other echo icons. You need not to be tied to the very
colours used in the palette but it should not be much different. We
usually do not use white or near-white in echo gradients unless the
object itself is white or is from the 'bright blue set' (some of the
action icons).

Also, what material do you suppose your package to be made of? For a box
I'd guess a paper (not the white one) or a wood, but neither of these is
transparent. Plese avoid using transparency in Echo icons unless you are
doing something that is made of glass (or another transparent material),
which is very rare in Echo icons.

My opinion about this icon is that it would be much better if you just
take the existing one, fix the issues it has (shadows and outlines; btw.
I already fixed the issues in {applications,preferences}-other, but I
also changed the proportions there...) and create smaller sized
variants, for me the colour used in it fits the icon best, or at least I
haven't seen a better one yet, and comes from the Echo colour palette.


> What do you think of this last creation? Comments? Critics?
> [1] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_2_16.png
> [2] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_2_64.png
> [3] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_2_128.png
> [4] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_2_256.png
> [5] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_2.svg
> [6] http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/echo-icon-theme;a=blob_plain;f=trunk/Echo/48x48/status/software-update-available.png;hb=HEAD

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