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Re: Echo: "package-x-generic" attempt

i adjusted some of the critics
- Fatter border
- no transparency
- changed the light a little
- changed the shadow a little
- changed overall color gradients a little

I can't make it so that the box would be gap less when you would close
it.. but that's to much of detail for "just an icon"... i'm not gonna
twist everything arround because someone wants to _close_ the box ^_^
and besides those big boxes that carry bananas do have those gaps.

For the colors.. i've tried a few on the wiki and none come close to
the "beauty" that this box has. So i want to follow those color
guidelines but not if i can;t make good looking things with those
colors. i think i need a Light Brown entry ;)

And did you just suggested to use gradients in the lines as well? i've
not done them in this edit round.
Here are the new images (22, 32 and 48)

[1] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_3_22.png
[2] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_3_32.png
[3] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_3_48.png

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