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Re: Fedora 8 Test 2 Icon Review

Rogue wrote:
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Martin Sourada wrote:
Also, during the review I have done for Echo icons, I have found that
some applications do not install their icons into the hicolor icon theme
while they are recommended to do so [2].
22x22 is just a really bad idea, since it breaks everybody who follows
the earlier recommendation to install a 48x48, which scales down nicely
to 24x24. Also in the age of rising dpi, it doesn't make much sense to
make icons even smaller...

And therefore enforces the creation of smaller sizes which is good,
because not every icon that looks good at 48x48 is good at 24x24 - there
are four times less pixels... I don't know whether making smaller icons
makes sense or not, but the trend is here and I think we should follow
it. Tango does this, Gnome as well, why we should differ?

I am no UI expert, but from a maintainability perspective, if we were
ascertain the sizes that we would like to use, wouldn't that work out
better in the long run?

I mean, a 22x22 as well as a 24x24 sounds like a maintenance nightmare
to me. Is there a sound reasoning why we have both of them?
The reason is the KDE Desktop.
In order for the icons to look well in qt/kde applications they need to be 22x22. I've spoken to Kenneth Wimer about this and they wanted to change KDE4 to use 24x24 as well (as it's dividable by 8), but it was too late in the process. I'll check what they can do for KDE4.1 and stuff though. I would love to have this issue out of the way.
- Andreas

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