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Re: Echo: "package-x-generic" attempt

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 02:09 +0200, Mark wrote:
> Oke..
> i adjusted some of the critics
> - Fatter border
> - no transparency
> - changed the light a little
> - changed the shadow a little
> - changed overall color gradients a little
> I can't make it so that the box would be gap less when you would close
> it.. but that's to much of detail for "just an icon"... i'm not gonna
> twist everything arround because someone wants to _close_ the box ^_^
> and besides those big boxes that carry bananas do have those gaps.
> For the colors.. i've tried a few on the wiki and none come close to
> the "beauty" that this box has. So i want to follow those color
> guidelines but not if i can;t make good looking things with those
> colors. i think i need a Light Brown entry ;)
> And did you just suggested to use gradients in the lines as well? i've
> not done them in this edit round.
> Here are the new images (22, 32 and 48)
> [1] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_3_22.png
> [2] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_3_32.png
> [3] http://fedora.mageprojects.com/package-x-generic/package-x-generic_3_48.png

I'm sorry, but I still don't like it, IMHO it really does not fit the
Echo icon theme. But on a more objective note: the icons seems not
optimised for the result sizes - i.e. in 48x48 you have blurry the line
most to the front, in 22x22 the shape seems too complex for a nice icon.
Also, IMHO, if you use the dark brown and medium brown colours from the
Echo palette as a base, it would, IMHO, look much better. I still fail
to see, which box in real live has the colour you used... (and we are
not transporting bananas in the box, but data... ;-)


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