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Re: Infinity GDM mockup

Matthias Clasen wrote:
Here is a screenshot that shows some problems with the user list. If you
have enough users to make the list scroll, you notice that a) the
theming of the scrollbar is not ideal and b) the last item "leaks" out.
It actually overlaps the "wrong password" messaged that may appear below
the list.

Thanks Matthias and everyone else for the quick and detailed feedback! I've got a new version that hopefully is better:


Here's what I tried to address:

* scrollbar fits within boundaries of userlist even for large numbers of users
* users in user list do not leak outside of the userlist box.
* pam-message added to theme, was previously missing.
* pam-error message text made larger and centered at bottom of dialog. userlist no longer overlaps it. * timed-login and caps-lock messages shifted for expansion space for potentially long pam-messages; all placed neatly underneath login box and shold co-exist nicely * updated screenshot that really reflects the actual look of the theme (good catch Nicu!) * all references to Bitstream Vera replaced with references to DejaVu (good catch Nicolas!)

I attached a screenshot of a full user list too for reference. I can't think of any other issues that might crop up - it seems all of the text has sufficient space for expansion to account for translations and such. If you see anything else do let me know.


PNG image

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