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Echo Folder icon remake

Hi all,

I've been in Prague on an exam (from Linear Algebra) and when I was
going home by train I had some time, so I reworked 'a little' the folder
icon. The reasons are quite plain: the colours differ too much from Echo
colour palette, it has only 48x48 size, SVG is different from the PNG.
So what have I done? Used colours near to the palette (those exactly
from it does not serve that well for it), created other sizes and fixed
the SVG so that it does look like the PNG (which is actually exported
from it). I am still not 100% content with the result and don't know
what exactly is wrong, maybe it is too bright... I also provided SVGs
for all sizes (except 24x24 that is same as 22x22 plus 1px wide
transparent border) so that edits of this icon would be easier, as well
as edits of other icons which makes use of this one. 

So, any suggestions, help, further editions (the SVGs are fairly simple
for this one), etc. are welcome (but, please, keep the shape, I like it
very much).

As I had problems with access to my fedorapeople account, I'll put it on
my Echo page there [1] later, until than you can find it on my Czech
pages [2].


[1] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/echo/
[2] http://feannatar.hostuju.cz/fedora/files/Echo/

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