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Re: Echo ToDo - tracking progress, 'undrafting'

Martin Sourada a écrit :

I don't know whether you noticed, but I added to the Echo Todo Menus
page [1] a section for tracking progress [2]. To quote the page:

In this section we keep track of icons that are being worked on. If
you'd like to work on an icon that is not green yet, add the icon name
and your wiki name here. In addition you can add state which can be
one of these posibilities: analysing situation (checking desktop files
and icon name used there), fixing icon (for editing already created
icons, but with issues), making icon (for creating brand new icon),
pending bug. To the notes add any additional info you think its worth,
like bug number, etc. Once the icon is created and accepted into Echo
and all problems are fixed please make it in the tables under
screenshots green and remove it from this list.

Does that seem understandable? Bellow this text is a table with icons
that are being fixed.

Another think I'd like to ask is whether you consider the Echo ToDo
Menus page good and complete enough to 'undraft' it (i.e. remove the
draft warning and link to it from other pages).

Missing reference:

I am not sure which page [2] refered though.


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